Wednesday, August 26, 2009

C'mon photo stealers ... take one from me !

Thousands of photos are stolen every day used here and there without permission .. most of them caught many of them goes unnoticed...

everytime i hear a news i just pray oh god .. let one of my pic be there in the list today ...

and the day never came ...

Why dont u guys steal photos from me .. am I that bad in photography??

Recently one Facebook community stole hell a lot of pics to make a video. It Incuded some 66 pics from one of my friend who is a pro ..

When we questioned them about the intellectual rights, they just banned us .. ye .. i was banned .. tat too for asking why did u ban the guys who stood with photographers ??

I wish i could take some action against those guys .. i am helpless coz none of my pics were in the video which had some 200 pics !!!!


anyway .. next time someone steals a pic from mine .. please let me know ..i ll send u some gift !!!

Thank you !

About the photo : Taken at Jew Street, Fort Kochi .. a collection of postcards for sale in street ... just check it . may have some of ur pics in it .. even it doesnt have any from me !!!!

god ! why dont they steal from me